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Terms and Conditions

These are the business conditions of the IMMUNITY BAR e-shop orders

Seller and operator:

Vikas Etkan

dvořišťská 968, Prague 9

ID: 09107096

Production / stone bar:

Vladivostocká 1460 / 10b, Prague 10
Tel .: +420 605 772 633


⦁ Drinks are intended for immediate consumption. Please follow the instructions in the product description.
⦁ The price of goods offered in the e-shop is always valid at the time of ordering. The price is always stated for the offered goods. The final price also includes any shipping costs, if the order has not reached the minimum amount to receive free shipping. Prices are in CZK including VAT.
⦁ The offered goods presented in the e-shop on the website are divided into several categories according to their composition. The goods are precisely described in the description of the goods - its durability, composition, etc.
⦁ The seller has the right not to enter into a contract with the buyer if he did not properly pay the price of the previous order.
⦁ The seller has the right to cancel the order or part thereof if the raw materials for the production of the products offered are currently unavailable. In the event that this situation occurs, the seller will immediately contact the customer to agree on further action by telephone to the telephone number specified in the order.
⦁ By sending a duly completed order by the customer and its confirmation by the Seller, a purchase contract is created between both parties.

Order change and cancellation:
⦁ By accepting the order via the online form, the order is considered accepted by the operator, unless the operator communicates otherwise by telephone.
⦁ The customer can change or cancel the completed order within 2 hours of its sending, by phone or e-mail via the contacts listed at the top of the Terms and Conditions.
⦁ If the buyer provides incorrect contact details (in any way) when ordering, the operator is entitled to cancel (cancel) the order.
Property right:
⦁ The seller reserves the ownership right to the products until full payment of their purchase price. A cash receipt, invoice or receipt issued on the basis of a purchase contract between the Seller and the customer is also a tax document.
Terms of delivery:
⦁ Methods of payment: payment only in cash when handing over the order, please try to have the exact amount ready to minimize the contact time of the buyer and seller in the current situation.
⦁ All payments are made in Czech currency. We do not accept another currency.
⦁ When ordering, the estimated time of delivery time is communicated (the supplier reserves a reserve of approx. 30 minutes in the accuracy of delivery). The operator is not responsible for delays caused by a third party (accident, weather, etc.), as this is force majeure - in which case the buyer will be notified by phone as soon as possible.
⦁ The buyer has the right to receive a receipt for the goods upon receipt of the goods. If this does not happen, the buyer is obliged to report it immediately on the contact telephone number. The operator is entitled to decide that the order without a duly delivered receipt will be delivered to the buyer free of charge, to which the buyer has no legal claim.
⦁ If the buyer does not take over the goods and the operator incurs costs for this reason, the operator is entitled to claim these costs from the buyer. The cost of transport to the buyer and return after non-acceptance is in the minimum amount of 299 CZK (the amount of the minimum order) or the amount of the current order.

Right of withdrawal / return of goods:
⦁ The products offered in the Seller's e-shop are foods with a limited shelf life. In this case, the customer loses the right to withdraw from the contract and return the goods within 14 days, without giving a reason.

⦁ Upon receipt of the delivery, the customer is obliged to check the quantity and visual quality of the products. By paying the purchase price upon personal acceptance or by signing the shipping document / delivery note, the customer confirms that he has accepted the shipment without obvious defects and in the specified quantity. Subsequent claims for quantities and obvious defects will not be taken into account.
⦁ If the customer complains about hidden defects in the delivery that were not obvious upon receipt, he must do so immediately, no later than 24 hours after receipt of the delivery. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account. Complaints of hidden defects can be made by phone or e-mail.
⦁ If the complaint is accepted, it will be settled according to the agreement between the customer and the Seller, in the form of a replacement delivery or refund, according to the agreement, the place and date of settlement of the complaint will be determined.

Warranty period:
⦁ The products offered in the Seller's e-shop are foods with a limited shelf life, therefore they are not covered by the warranty period.

Protection of personal data:
⦁ Personal data of customers are processed in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. By providing data for registration, the customer / visitor agrees that the Seller will process and use the provided data for internal and marketing needs. This data will not be provided to third parties without the prior written consent of the customer / visitor. In accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. the customer agrees to the sending of information emails from the online store.

Final Provisions:
⦁ These Business Terms and Conditions apply as stated on the Seller's website on the day of sending the electronic order, unless otherwise agreed between the participants in writing.
⦁ By sending an electronic order, the customer unreservedly accepts all provisions of these Terms and Conditions as valid on the day of sending the order, as well as on the day of sending the order accepts the valid purchase price of the order, unless demonstrably agreed otherwise.
⦁ The customer is irrevocably bound by the sent order (by concluding a purchase contract) for the period set for the delivery of goods. The Participants have expressly agreed in the sense of the provisions of § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code that, unless expressly stipulated otherwise by these Business Conditions, their rights and obligations are governed by the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic, especially its provisions § 409 et seq.
⦁ Validity of the Business Conditions: from the date of issue to the date of issue of the new version

Release Date: 11.11.2020

Date of last update: 13.1.2021

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