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An ideal part of your diet for body detox and a reduction diet.


Recommended use: 2 day cure for one person. 3 bottles first Day, 3 bottles second Day. It is best to repeat twice a week. Eat lighter meals, vegetable and fruit salads, and reduce fatty and sweet foods and provide your body with enough water.
We recommend drinking fruit juices in the morning - they give the body energy, for lunch and dinner lighter vegetable juices - they support digestion. The body will not store carbohydrates during sleep.

The package contains 100% FRESH Juice fruits and vegetables that support body cleansing, Chia seeds stimulate your metabolism and add a feeling of satiety due to the high fiber content.

The package contains:
1x Orange + Chia seeds 0.5l
1x Pineapple + Chia seeds 0.5l

1x Cucumber 0.5l

1x Celery 0.5l

1x Beets, Carrots, Apple 0.5l

1x Carrot, Apple, Orange 0.5l



Kč756.00 Regular Price
Kč689.00Sale Price
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