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Available ONLY in our IMMUNITY BAR!


This 500 ml bottle contains Juice from approximately 1.5 kg of yellow melon.
Juice we gain by the COLD PRESS method, thanks to which it retains the same quality that is hidden inside the fruit. It does not lose its valuable vitamins, healthy substances, taste and stays fresh for a long time.

Yellow melon

  • This bottle contains 500 ml of juice.
    Made by fresh yellow melon juice.
    Cold pressed.
    Unpasteurized, unpascalized.
    Free of preservatives, dyes and additives.
    Store at 8° C.
    Use within 48 hours of purchase.

  • -supports the immune system
    -supports digestion
    -contains a large amount of protein
    -hydrating effects
    -remineralizing effects
    -alkalizing effects
    -diuretic and laxative effects
    -enriches the blood with mineral salts
    -helps the kidneys eliminate more effectively
    waste substances
    -prevents the formation of gallstones
    -detoxifying effects

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